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Holisitc wellness, Thrive style! A lifestyle approach to wellness that balances the needs of the mind, body & soul. Thrive Naturally treats each person as an individual with unique health goals. Helping you create a consistent culture of wellness that prioritizes your ability to Thrive.
Thrive Naturally provides the highest level of holistic wellness programs for
individuals, groups, families & the workplace. Thriving is about unleashing your health potential through a combination of goal setting, inspiration & practical tools built on a foundation of awareness & responsibility.
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MaryAnn Jones • 516.521.0098 •
I have a new heightened AWARENESS of everything I put in my mouth and my pretty dramatic weight loss is a HUGE indication to me of how many of my daily calories are acquired from refined sugar related food. Not carbohydrates, because I ate a ton of those, but SUGAR!!!  I also find that my body is working more efficiently processing the food I am eating because it is not burdened with all the artificial ingredient and sugar. —Jill

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"I always read labels, but mostly for fat, fiber & calories. Now I check for sugar. I also stopped having 'dessert' for breakfast. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the classes I attended and got a lot out of it. Just sorry I wasn't able to attend all of them, & I hope you come back again in the future."